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Civil Engineering Ebooks

Prediction of flow depth and sediment discharge in open channels

In recent years attempts have been made to develop numerical models for unsteady flows in channels with sediment transport. This work was conducted to analyze two essential ingredients of any numerical model: the relationship between the hydraulic variables (slope, depth, and velocity), and the predictor of sediment concentration.

Nonlinear analysis of Pacoima Dam with spatially nonuniform ground motion

Spatially uniform ground motion is an assumption that has often been made for structural analysis of arch dams. However, it has been recognized for many years that the ground motion in a canyon during an earthquake is amplified at the top of the canyon relative to the base. Pacoima Dam has been strongly shaken by the 1971 San Fernando earthquake and the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The acceleration records from both of these events demonstrate the spatial non uniformity of the ground motion, but the amount and quality of the data made it difficult to study in detail. An opportunity to do so arose on January 13, 2001, when a relatively small magnitude 4.3 earthquake was recorded by an upgraded accelerometer array at Pacoima Dam.

Free Civil Engineering E-books: The Building Information Model in Facilities Management

The construction industry’s traditional resistance to incorporate change has prevented benefits from technological advancements to accrue. One area in which technology shows potential to benefit the industry is in addressing the existing communication gaps between the designer, builder, and owner. This gap is more evident in the operation and maintenance of a building. At project completion, an owner also receives information of the building. This information is comprised of as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, warranties, and other documents.

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