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HONDA 1990 Accord Sedan Owner's Manual

This manual contains important information about the safe operation and maintenance of your car. We urge you to read it carefully, become familiar with the controls it describes, and follow its recommendations, to help make your driving trouble-free and enjoyable.

Your car is supplied with a master key that fits the ignition and all locks, and a valet key that fits the ignition and doors but not the trunk, trunk remote release, rear seat trunk access or glove box. The valet key is provided for times when you must leave the key with a parking attendant or repair person, but still want to keep valuables safely locked-up. Write down the numbers stamped on both keys and keep the information in your wallet or purse in case you ever need to have duplicates made. Both the master and valet keys are double-edged, so you can insert them in the locks with either side up.

In the rear seat, there are two one-piece combination lap/shoulder belts and a center lap belt. The seat-backs and seat belts provide best restraint when the occupant is sitting well back and straight up in the seat. The combination lap/shoulder belts with emergency locking retractors are designed to lock only during a sudden stop or impact. Otherwise, they allow you some freedom of movement in the seat. Push the turn signal lever down to signal a left turn, and up for a right turn. The indicator and appropriate signal lights will blink. The lever will return automatically to its original position when the steering wheel is returned to straight ahead. For lane changing you can signal by pushing the lever part way up or down (to the first stop) and holding it there; the lever will return to its original position when you release it. If either turn signal indicator lights up but does not blink, blinks faster than usual or does not light up at all, check for a burned out bulb or fuse.

HONDA 1990 Accord Sedan Owner's Manual