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Jeep 2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Owner's Manual

Thank you for selecting a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and welcome to our worldwide family. Before you start to drive this vehicle, read this manual. Be sure you are familiar with all vehicle controls, particularly those used for braking, steering and transmission shifting. Learn how your vehicle handles on different road surfaces. Your driving skills will improve with experience. Always observe federal, state, provincial, and local laws wherever you drive.

Utility vehicles have a significantly higher roll over rate than other types of vehicles. This vehicle has a higher ground clearance, higher center of gravity, and narrower track than many passenger cars. It is capable of performing better in a wide variety of off-road applications. Driven in an unsafe manner, all vehicles can be caused to go out of control. Because of the higher center of gravity and the narrower track, if this vehicle is out of control it may roll over when some other vehicles may not.

Do not attempt sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers or other unsafe driving actions that can cause loss of vehicle control. Failure to operate this vehicle safely may result in an accident, roll over of the vehicle, and severe or fatal injury. Drive carefully.

Failure to use driver and passenger seat belts provided is a major cause of severe or fatal injury. In fact, the U.S. government notes that the universal use of existing seat belts could cut the highway death toll by 10,000 or more each year, and could reduce disabling injuries by 2 million annually. In a roll over crash an unbelted person is significantly more likely to die than a person wearing a seat belt. Always buckle up.

Jeep 2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Owner's Manual