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Essential Oils in Broiler Nutrition

Based on literature data it can be concluded essential oils originating from plants have antimicrobial activity and have toxic effects in poultry only when administered at very high doses. Antioxidant activity and hypocholesterolemic effects have been reported in chickens. In various studies, but not all, a growth enhancing effect of essential oils has been found. The characteristic flavor of essential oils might play role in poultry performance, but this needs to be confirmed. Essential oils may stimulate the digestion process.

Nutrition, Immunity and Mastitis

In financial terms, mastitis is the most costly disease in the dairy industry, totaling approximately $1.8 billion dollars lost annually. Cost of a single case of mastitis ranges from $104 (Hoblet et al. 1991) to $200 (NMC, 1996). These losses are a result of reduced milk production, discarded milk, replacement costs, extra labor, treatment and veterinary service costs. Increased prevalence of mastitis also results in greater risk of antibiotic residues in human food as well as milk quality issues.

Food Matters

The principals of the Food Matters ‘Detox and Rejuvenation Guide’ lie in understanding the very make up of our bodies and what exactly constitutes health. What is health? We’ve come to accept that health is simply the “state of being free from illness or injury” (Oxford American Dictionary). But it is not difficult to see that you can be free from illness and injury and far from healthy, would you agree?

Evolution of Diets

Over the past 50 years, American diets have changed from leisurely family meals that were usually prepared at home using natural ingredients to today’s prepackaged, processed and convenience foods that are often eaten on the run with little thought towards nutrition or content. As health risks have began emerging from current diets and the public is being educated as to the importance of eating healthy, the trend toward future American diets is to improve peoples choices to make convenient foods low fat, incorporate more natural ingredients and keep a watchful eye on caloric intake.

Phytochemicals The Color of a Healthy Diet

During recent decades, studies examining the relationship between dietary patterns and health have found that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been associated with the prevention and/or treatment of at least four of the leading causes of death in the US. Phytochemicals, unique components found only in plants, are an important source of this protective effect.

The Sabbatical Diet Made Simple

Over the years, numerous combinations of diet and physical activity have been tried in an effort to find a solution to obesity. Some of these recommendations have been made by conventional medical personnel, while others have been made by practitioners of alternative medicine.

Statictics On Obesyti, Phsycal Activity And Diet

This chapter focuses on the prevalence of obesity and being overweight among adults, presented by Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference. Trends in the prevalence of being overweight or being obese are presented and relationships between various economic and lifestyle variables and obesity are explored. Regional and sub regional information is provided. Data are also provided using NICE guidelines on the assessment of health risk related to BMI and waist circumference.

Gluten-FreeDiet Guide for Families

If your child has just been diagnosed with celiac disease (CD), you may be experiencing mixed feelings. On one hand, no one likes to hear that his or her child has any kind of medical condition. However, you may be relieved to finally have the answer to your child’s past medical problems. You may also feel better knowing that celiac disease is a treatable disorder, that intestinal damage from celiac disease is reversible, and that therapy does not involve shots, pills, therapy or surgery. You may also feel confused, overwhelmed or unsure about how to start the healing process.

The Secrets of Detox – Your Key To Vibrant Health and Rejuvenation

Today we are exposed to thousands of never seen before untested toxic chemicals in our water and food that work their way into our tissues faster than we can eliminate them. Each poses a health risk but little is know about how they interact and impact our health.

The Body Detox Diet

From the moment you are born, your body begins the detoxification process. As an infant, you obtain nourishment from breast milk or baby formula. As you develop, you obtain nourishment from both food and beverages. Your body utilizes what it needs from these forms of nourishment and begins the process of elimination.

How Breastfeeding Works

Because milk is the sole source of food for young mammals, it must provide all the nutrients essential for their growth. Therefore, the mammary gland must synthesize and secrete sufficient milk of appropriate composition to nourish the young, and the young must be able to remove the milk to sustain their growth and ensure continued milk production. This article reviews the synthesis and secretion of breast milk, the changes in the volume and composition of breast milk after birth, the breastfeeding patterns of babies, and the methods by which babies can regulate the milk production of the mother.

Maasai Diet as Cultural Code

During recent years biomedical scientists, epidemiologists and other public health specialists have come to recognise the importance of an anthropological perspective within public health. As a result medical anthropologists have increasingly been employed within multidisciplinary teams on health projects across the globe, raising their colleagues’ awareness of the importance of cultural determinants of health and ill-health, and providing crucial insights into the ways in which people in different cultures and social groups explain the causes of illhealth, the types of treatment they believe in, and the types of people to whom they turn if they do get ill (Helman, 1999).

The Pritikin Diet – Low Fat, High Carbohydrate and Still Popular

The Pritikin Diet has been around since the 1970s. Starting with the first Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Barbara, California in 1976, Nathan Pritikin, the center’s founder, developed a diet low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates for participants to follow. One of the earliest widely promoted “low-fat” diets, the Pritikin diet continues to promise weight loss, cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering benefits, decreased blood pressure and overall wellness.

Essential Vitamin and Minerals

There is an argument between doctors, nutritionists, and many others that nowadays, if they eat right, people don't need to take vitamins, minerals or extra precaution toward the health and beauty of their skin and hair. These experts who make this argument believe a diet of the four basic food groups will supply a person with all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health and well being. Furthermore, these experts will say, "if you take extra vitamins or minerals you or wasting your money." I'd like to analyze each of these contentions.

How to Use the Milk Diet Scientifically at Home

Almost invariably those who have taken the milk cure properly will find themselves in better health than they may have ever enjoyed before. The body cells are “clean.” They are relatively free from organic toxins. The elimination is better. The organs of digestion an assimilation function in a more natural way. The blood is enriched and purified, as a consequence of which oxidation proceeds more normally.

Venezuelan Femininity The Painful Embodiment of Beauty

Last summer when I went back home to Caracas, Venezuela, for the first time in about four months, the first thing my mother said when she saw me was: “My God, you are fat!” I had gained about twenty-two pounds, yet had not realized it. I spent each day of my two-week-long vacation working out for hours and dedicating myself to a strict diet regime. For the first time ever, I felt out of place in my favorite dance club: while the zipper of my old dress was on the verge of explosion, 16-year-olds wore miniskirts that showed their size-two bodies and cleavage that showed off their breast implants.

Low Fiber Diet for Diarrhea

The fiber in food provides the roughage or bulk that stimulates the bowel. It is generally recommended that you consume at least 25 grams of dietary fiber a day to promote good bowel health. The major sources of dietary fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dried beans.

Foods For The Gerson Diet

The two most important aspects of the Gerson approach to healing are freshness and purity. All of the foods ingested on the Gerson Therapy must be fresh, organically or biologically grown, and consumed in their most natural form.

Effect of Dietary Supplementation With INVERSION

In modern society, the ideal of slim women with beautiful hair, skin, and nails is well established. The process of aging, together with an unhealthy diet and little physical exercise, often leads to deterioration of this ideal. Two open clinical trials were conducted to investigate the effect of the proprietary oral supplement INVERSION Femme (Inversion Laboratoires, Hasselt, Belgium) on slimming in overweight women and on hair loss, as well as on skin and nail parameters. A total of 22 overweight women aged 38 to 63 y participated in the study that explored slimming activity. In the hair loss study, 30 women aged 38 to 67 y who had experienced hair loss were examined.

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy, Glowing Skin

Many of us are skin conscious. We often want our skin to look young and healthy and we really do something just to protect our skin from whatever possible harms there may be in our environment. Well, our skin is our largest organ performing several functions.

Stiffness Model of a Die Spring

The objective of this research is to determine the three-dimensional stiffness matrix of a rectangular cross-section helical coil compression spring. The stiffnesses of the spring are derived using strain energy methods and Castigliano’s second theorem. A theoretical model is developed and presented in order to describe the various steps undertaken to calculate the spring’s stiffnesses. The resulting stiffnesses take into account the bending moments, the twisting moments, and the transverse shear forces. In addition, the spring’s geometric form which includes the effects of pitch, curvature of wire and distortion due to normal and transverse forces are taken into consideration.

Examination and Diagnosis

You can prevent much suffering and serious sickness when you notice and treat problems early. Whenever you hold a health clinic, try to find out how healthy each person’s mouth is. Ask if she is having a problem now, or has had a problem recently Always write down what you find out, so you remember what treatment that person needs.

Low-Fat, Low-Salt, Whole-Food Vegan

Since my days as a medical student, I have been keenly interested in nutritional impacts on health. In particular, I have been studying for years in an effort to determine why many Third World societies, as long as they maintain their traditional diets and lifestyles, are relatively immune to so many of the disorders that take a devastating toll on the health and finances of elderly Americans.

Low-Energy-Dense Foods and Weight Management

Yes, calorie intake can be reduced while controlling hunger. This research brief investigates the impact of eating lowenergy-dense foods on calories consumed, satiety, and body weight.

Dietary Fiber

The term “dietary fiber” is familiar to most Americans. Many people, however, do not fully understand the nature of dietary fiber and its role in a healthful diet. In this report the American Council on Science and Health reviews current scientific knowledge about the role dietary fiber plays in the prevention and treatment of human diseases and explains the potential benefits and risks of increased fiber intake.

Dietary, Functional, and Total Fiber

Dietary Fiber consists of nondigestible carbohydrates and lignin that are intrinsic and intact in plants. Functional Fiber consists of isolated, nondigestible carbohydrates that have beneficial physiological effects in humans. Total Fiber is the sum of Dietary Fiber and Functional Fiber. Fibers have different properties that result in different physiological effects. For example, viscous fibers may delay the gastric emptying of ingested foods into the small intestine, resulting in a sensation of fullness, which may contribute to weight control. Delayed gastric emptying may also reduce postprandial blood glucose concentrations and potentially have a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity. Viscous fibers can interfere with the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol, as well as with the enterohepatic recirculation of cholesterol and bile acids, which may result in reduced blood cholesterol concentrations.

Emergency Management of Acute Apical Periodontitis in the Permanent Dentition

Acute apical periodontitis (AAP) is an inflammatory condition of the periapical tissues of the periodontium, usually resulting from irreversible pulpitis and pulpal necrosis. Although chemical and physical factors can cause pulpitis, most cases have a microbial cause, usually secondary to caries or trauma.1 Although the presence of some bacteria in the periapical region of an affected tooth has been demonstrated,2 AAP is predominantly an inflammatory, rather than an infectious, process.

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Although the precise purpose of sleep remains obscure, there is no question that adequate sleep is essential to normal function. Sleep disorders are among the most common human maladies, they commonly compromise daytime activity, and in some cases they may be completely disabling. By and large, they are treatable. Nevertheless, patients seldom volunteer that they are having trouble sleeping, and health care personal seldom ask.

Somatic Symptom Disorders

This group of disorders is characterized predominantly by somatic symptoms or concerns that are associated with significant distress and/or dysfunction. Somatic symptoms are common in every day life and medical practice. Such symptoms may be initiated, exacerbated or maintained by combinations of biological, psychological and social factors. The diagnostic criteria are applicable across the lifespan, even though developmental differences in the presentation and phenomenology of somatic symptom disorders may exist.

Autologous Serum In Eye Disorders

Tear film is very important in the maintenance of an intact ocular surface and thus pathologies of the conjunctival and corneal epithelium are intimately related to tear film dysfunction. When tears are depleted various changes like squamous metaplasia, epithelial defects and infections of corneal epithelium can occur. It is with this objective in mind that ophthalmologists in the world over started searching for substances which could act as replacement for tears.

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