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Unification of quantum information theory

We present the unification of many previously disparate results in noisy quantum Shannon theory and the unification of all of noiseless quantum Shannon theory. More specifically we deal here with bipartite, unidirectional, and memoryless quantum Shannon theory. We find all the optimal protocols and quantify the relationship between the resources used, both for the one-shot and for the ensemble case, for what is arguably the most fundamental task in quantum information theory: sharing entangled states between a sender and a receiver.

Damage evolution in uniaxial SiC fiber reinforced Ti matrix composites

Fiber fractures initiate damage zones ultimately determining the strength and lifetime of metal matrix composites (MMCs). The evolution of damage in a MMC comprising a row of unidirectional SiC fibers (32 vol.%) surrounded by a Ti matrix was examined using X-ray microdiffraction (?m beam size) and macrodiffraction (mm beam size). A comparison of high-energy X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques including a powerful two-dimensional XRD method capable of obtaining powder averaged strains from a small number of grains is presented (HE?XRD?).

Shock-induced damage in rocks: application to impact cratering

Two representative terrestrial rocks, San Marcos granite and Bedford limestone, are chosen as test target. Impacts into the rock targets with different combinations of projectile material, size, impact angle, and impact velocity are carried out at cm scale in the laboratory.

Shock-induced damage and fracturing would cause large-scale compressional wave velocity reduction in the recovered target beneath the impact crater. The shock-induced damage is measured by mapping the compressional wave velocity reduction in the recovered target.

Nox emission control in gas turbines for combined cycle gas turbine plant

The increase, in recent years, in the size and efficiency of gas turbines burning natural gas in combined cycle has occurred against a background of tightening environmental legislation on the emission of nitrogen oxides. The higher turbine entry temperatures required for efficiency improvement tend to increase NOx production. First-generation emission control systems involved water injection and catalytic reduction and were relatively expensive to operate. Dry low-NOx combustion systems have therefore been developed but demand more primary air for combustion. This gives added incentive to the reduction of air requirements for cooling the combustor and turbine blading. This paper reviews the various approaches adopted by the main gas turbine manufacturers which are achieving very low levels of NOx emission from natural gas combustion. Further developments, however, are necessary for liquid fuels.

Multi-Tech's new voice/fax gateway, the MultiVOIP110.

Screen shot Ebook Multi_Tech
Welcome to Multi-Tech's new voice/fax gateway, the MultiVOIP, model MVP110. The MVP110 allows analog voice and fax communication over a traditional data communications/data networking digital Internet. Multi-Tech’s new voice/fax gateway technology allows voice and fax communication to be transmitted, with no additional expense, over your existing communications Internet, which has traditionally been data-only. To access this free voice and fax communication, all you have to do is connect the MVP110 to a phone or to your existing in-house phone switch and then to your existing Internet connection. Once configured, the MVP110 allows voice and fax to travel down the same path as your traditional data communications.

The MVP110 supports the H.323sdtandards-based protocol enabling your MVP110 to participate in real-time conferencing with other third-party VOIP Gateways or endpoints that support the H.323 protocol (such as Microsoft NetMeeting® ). The H.323 standard defines how endpoints make and receive calls, how endpoints negotiate a common set of audio and data capabilities, how information is formatted and sent over the network, and how endpoints communicate with their respective Gatekeepers. Gatekeeper software is optional and if present in a network, it typically resides on a designated PC. It acts as the central point for all calls within its zone and provides call control services to all registered endpoints. In addition, Gatekeepers can perform bandwidth management through support for Bandwidth Request, Confirm, and Reject messages. Note: A zone consists of all H.323 endpoints that are under the Gatekeeper’s control. The MVP110 is designed with one voice/fax channel, a 10 Mbps Ethernet LAN interface, and a command port for configuration. System management is provided through the command port using bundled Windows® software which provides easy-to-use configuration menus and a omprehensive Help system.

Electronic environments and electrochemical properties in lithium storage materials

The local electronic environments and energy storage properties of lithium electrodes are investigated through inelastic electron scattering and electrochemical measurements. Experimental and computational methods are developed to characterize the electronic structure of lithiated compounds during electrochemical cycling. An electrochemical investigation of new lithium alloys has led to a better understanding of the thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials. These studies have also inspired the development of new anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries.

Differential weathering effects and mechanisms

The physical and chemical characteristics of the two differential weathering effects, case hardening and core softening, are examined to determine their formation mechanisms by investigating several field areas exhibiting differential weathering effects. The terms differential weathering effects, factors, mechanisms, processes, morphologies and their cause and effect relationships are defined in the context of the overall problem.

Because differential weathering effects are defined on the basis of spatial variations in relative and absolute hardness, a portable field instrument has been developed to measure rock hardness as manifested in the abrasion resistance of the material.

Modeling artificial, mobile swarm systems

Swarm intelligence is a new research paradigm that offers novel approaches for studying and solving distributed problems using solutions inspired by social insects and other natural behaviors of vertebrates. In this thesis, we present methodologies for modeling artificial, mobile systems within the swarm intelligence framework. The proposed methodologies provide guidelines in the study and design of artificial swarm systems for the following two classes of experiments: distributed sensing and distributed manipulation.

Event discovery and information dissemination through local communication in artificial swarm systems present similar characteristics as natural phenomena such as foraging and food discovery in insect colonies and the spread of infectious diseases in animal populations, respectively. We show that the artificial systems can be described in similar mathematical terms as those used to describe the natural systems. The proposed models can be classified in two main categories: non-embodied and embodied models. In the first category agents are modeled as mobile bodiless points, whereas the other models take into account the physical interference between agents resulting from embodiment. Furthermore, within each category, we distinguish two subcategories: spatial and nonspatial models. In the spatial models we keep track of the trajectory of each agent, the correlation between the positions occupied by the agents over consecutive time steps, or make use of the spatial distribution resulting from the movement pattern of the agents. In the nonspatial models we assume that agents hop around randomly and occupy independent positions over consecutive time steps.

Your Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol With TLC

Screen shot Your Guide to Lowering Your  Cholesterol With TLC

High blood cholesterol can affect anyone. it’s a serious condition that increases the risk for heart disease, the number one killer of Americans—women and men. The higher your blood cholesterol level, the greater your risk. Fortunately, if you have high blood cholesterol, there are steps you can take to lower it and protect your health. This booklet will show you how to take action by following the “TLC Program” for reducing high blood cholesterol. TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, a three-part program that uses diet, physical activity, and weight management. Sometimes, drug treatment also is needed to lower blood cholesterol enough. But even then, the TLC Program should be followed. The booklet has four main sections: It explains why cholesterol matters and helps you find your heart disease risk; describes the TLC Program; talks about a condition called themetabolic syndrome that can also be treated with TLC; and offers advice on how to make heart healthy lifestyle changes.
Within the sections you’ll find tips on such topics as how to: communicate better with your doctor and other health care professionals, read food labels, make and stick with lifestyle changes, plan heart healthy menus for the whole family, and make heart healthy choices when you eat out. Anyone can develop high blood cholesterol everyone can take steps to lower it.

AT&T Merlin 1030 & 3070 Admin Manual Feature Module 1

Screen shot AT&T Merlin 1030 & 3070 Admin Manual Feature Module 1

The MERLIN communications system Models 1030 and 3070 with Feature Module 1 offers a wealth of features that provide exceptional telephone service both on a business-wide and personaI basis. As system administrator, you will make decisions about how the system operates as a whole and about some of the features that should appear at each voice terminal. (The advanced telephones in the MERLIN system are called voice terminals.) The charts on the next few pages describe all of the features of your system. They are grouped alphabetically in three categories:

HONDA 2007 Accord Coupe Owner’s Manual

Screen shot Free Ebook  HONDA 2007 Accord Coupe Owner’s Manual

This owner’s manual should be considered a permanent part of the vehicle and should remain with the vehicle when it is sold. This owner’s manual covers all models of the Accord Coupe. You may find descriptions of equipment and features that are not on your particular model. The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right, however, to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever.

Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important. And operating this vehicle safely is an important responsibility. To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. Of course, it is not practical or possible to warn you about all the hazards associated with operating or maintaining your vehicle. You must use your own good judgement.

Overview of Contents

Phase composition and dynamical studies of lithium iron phosphate

The olivine phase of lithium iron phosphate (LixFePO4) is a promising cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. Some of its advantages are that it is nontoxic, highly stable, and inexpensive, but its low intrinsic electrical conductivity is a major disadvantage. LixFePO4 has generally been described as a two-phase system as lithium is removed from or inserted into the material. However, the mechanism of lithium removal and the system's phase composition is still not fully understood, and is an area of interest.

Laboratory investigations of earthquake dynamics

Earthquake represents one of most destructive geological hazards. In this thesis I will attempt to understand it through controlled laboratory experiments. The earthquake dynamic rupturing process itself is a complicated phenomenon, involving dynamic friction, wave propagation, and heat production. Because controlled experiments can produce results without assumptions needed in theoretical and numerical analysis, the experimental method is thus advantageous over theoretical and numerical methods.

Our laboratory fault is composed of carefully cut photoelastic polymer plates (Homalite-100, Polycarbonate) held together by uniaxial compression. As a unique unit of the experimental design, a controlled exploding wire technique provides the triggering mechanism of laboratory earthquakes. Three important components of real earthquakes (i.e., pre-existing fault, tectonic loading, and triggering mechanism) correspond to and are simulated by frictional contact, uniaxial compression, and the exploding wire technique. Dynamic rupturing processes are visualized using the photoelastic method and are recorded via a high-speed camera. Our experimental methodology, which is full-field, in situ, and non-intrusive, has better control and diagnostic capacity compared to other existing experimental methods.

13 Memory Caller Display Trim Phone Model 2012j Operating Instructions

Your new 2012 Call Display Trim Phone has all the features of a 13 memory telephone plus Call Display functionality. As you unpack this set, make sure you have the following items in the package.


Chevrolet Corvette Vehicle Dismantling Manual

Free Ebook Chevrolet Corvette Vehicle Dismantling Manual

This vehicle has a Supplemental Inflatable restraint (SIR), “airbag” system. When performing disassembly on or near the SIR components or the SIR wiring, refer to cautions below. Failure to follow the cautions could cause airbag deployment or personal injury.
• Be careful when handling a SIR sensor. Do not strike or jolt a SIR sensor.
• Do not carry the inflator module by the wires or connector on the inflator module.
• Make sure the airbag opening points away from you.
• When storing an undeployed inflator module, make sure the airbag opening points away from the surface on which the inflator module rests.
• Provide free space for the airbag to expand in case of an accidental deployment.

Toshiba Cordless Digital Telephone User Guide

This guide describes the features and operation of the Toshiba DKT2004-CT 900 MHz Cordless Digital Telephone with Strata DK Business Telephone Systems. To get the most from your cordless digital telephone, please read this guide thoroughly. The Strata DK systems which support this equipment are:
© DK14
© DK16e/DK16
© DK40i/DK40
© DK424/DK280 (Release 3.0 or higher)

The Rising Risk of a Systemic Financial Meltdown: The Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster

Why did the Fed ease the Fed Funds rate by a whopping 125bps in eight days this past January? It is true that most macro indicators are heading south and suggesting a deep and severe recession that has already started. But the flow of bad macro news in mid- January did not justify, by itself, such a radical inter- eeting emergency Fed action followed by another cut at the formal FOMC meeting.

To understand the Fed actions one has to realize that there is now a rising probability of a
“catastrophic” financial and economic outcome, i.e. a vicious circle where a deep recession makes the financial losses more severe and where, in turn, large and growing financial losses and a financial meltdown make the recession even more severe. The Fed is seriously worried about this vicious circle and about the risks of a systemic financial meltdown.

That is the reason the Fed had thrown all caution to the wind – after a year in which it was behind the curve and underplaying the economic and financial risks – and has taken a very aggressive approach to risk management; this is a much more aggressive approach than the Greenspan one in spite of the initial views that the Bernanke Fed would be more cautious than Greenspan in reacting to economic and financial vulnerabilities.

IMF Governance and Financial Crises with Systemic Importance

Crises in systemically important countries, whose failure is likely to lead to contagion with far-reaching consequences for the international financial system, pose acute governance problems because of the stakes involved, the amount of resources that must be mobilized, and the need for rapid decision making.

Metabolism of the pectic substances

This thesis examines pectic metabolism by oat coleoptile sections. Pectin accounts for 5 per cent of the dry weight of such sections. Approximately 5 per cent of the pectin is cold water soluble--70 per cent alcohol insoluble. Approximately 50 per cent of the carboxyl groups of this fraction are methyl esterified. Hot water solubilizes from the cell wall a highly esterified pectin fraction which represents 15 per cent of the total. In the remaining hot water insoluble pectin, only 30 per cent of the pectic carboxyl groups are combined as esters.

Pectins, once formed, are metabolized very slowly. There is little or no mixing of the various pectic fractions during a 15-hour period.

Laser tweezers for moving live dissociated neurons

A laser tweezers system for transporting dissociated neurons into small “cages” on a culture dish was constructed, and it was studied extensively. The system consists of an inverted microscope, a 1064 nm or 980 nm laser module, a beam expander, a motorized mechanical stage, a CCD camera, and steering mirrors. A laser beam is generated by the IR laser module, and the beam is expanded by the beam expander to match the size of the back aperture of the objective. The beam is then steered into the objective where it is focused to a point. The system uses this single, tightly focused laser beam to trap a neuron. Once a neuron is trapped and lifted, the mechanical stage is moved to locate the neuron above its destination. The system will know the location of the neurocages and will automatically move neurons to their destination.

Regulation of protein kinase Dbf2 in mitotic exit

Cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdk) direct cell cycle transitions by associating with various cyclins throughout the cell cycle. For cells to exit mitosis, mitotic Cdk activity must be turned off. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the mitotic exit network, or MEN, comprises of a group of proteins that form a signaling pathway required for mitotic exit.

The MEN regulates the activity of Cdc14, the protein phosphatase critical for inactivating mitotic Cdk. Components of the MEN include the protein kinases Cdc15 and Dbf2, as well as the Dbf2-associated protein Mob1. We determined how these proteins are organized within the MEN by determining the molecular mechanism of Dbf2 activation. Dbf2 requires Mob1 association in order to be active and Cdc15 phosphorylates and thereby activates the Dbf2-Mob1 protein kinase complex. We also determined that the conserved phosphorylation sites of the NDR protein kinase family are required for Dbf2 kinase activity in vitro as well as for DBF2 function in vivo. It is unknown how Dbf2-Mob1 leads to Cdc14 release or how the protein kinase complex functions in cytokinesis. As a result, we sought to identify physiological substrates of Dbf2-Mob1 which would provide insight to Dbf2-Mob1 function in both of these significant cell cycle processes. There is no known physiological substrate for Dbf2-Mob1 we first identified RXXS as the motif that Dbf2-Mob1 preferentially phosphorylates. We then identified a number of in vitro substrates for Dbf2-Mob1, of which the majority contains the RXXS motif.

The mechanism of Dbf2 activity has been shown to be conserved in a number of other NDR kinase family members, which have roles in morphogenesis and cell division, and have been implicated in tumorigenesis. Studies on Dbf2 will provide insight into cell cycle processes in budding yeast as well as in higher eukaryotes.

The distribution of rich clusters of galaxies

A catalogue is prepared of 2712 rich clusters of galaxies found on the National Geographic Society--Palomar Observatory Sky Survey. From the catalogue, 1682 clusters are selected which meet specific criteria for inclusion in a homogeneous statistical sample.

An investigation of the sample leads to the following conclusions: (i) The distribution function of clusters according to richness, N(n) increases rapidly as n decreases. (ii) The data allow no significant decision that the spatial density of cluster centers varies with distance. (iii) Galactic obscuration of the order of a few tenths of a magnitude (photored) exists at high northern galactic latitudes around galactic longitude 300°. (iv) There is a highly significant nonrandom distribution of clusters in direction, both when clusters at all distances and when clusters at various distances are considered. An analysis of the distribution yields strong evidence for the existence of second-order clusters, that is clusters of clusters of galaxies. A statistical test shows the observed distribution to be compatible with the assumption of complete second-order clustering of galaxies.

Experimental investigation of quasistatic and dynamic fracture properties of titanium alloys

The goal of this work is to investigate the quasistatic and dynamic fracture properties of three titanium alloys: 6Al-4V titanium, 6Al-4V titanium ELI, and Timetal 5111. While standard tests exist for measuring quasistatic fracture toughness, the dynamic investigation requires that several measurement techniques are employed including Coherent Gradient Sensing (CGS), Crack Opening Displacement (COD), and the use of strain gages. The use of these methods with difficult engineering materials in the dynamic loading regime requires methodologies to be advanced beyond that previously required with model materials having properties ideal for experimental measurements techniques.

After a description of each measurement technique is given, stress intensity factor measurements made on 12.7 mm thick pre-cracked 6Al-4V titanium specimens are compared. These specimens were dynamically impacted in three point bend in a drop weight tower. Specimens with and without side-grooves were tested as each measurement technique allows. Side-grooves are useful to increase the degree of plane strain experienced in proximity of the crack tip, allowing plane strain (geometry independent) fracture toughnesses to be obtained from specimens that may be otherwise too thin in cross section. Resulting stress intensity factor-time histories from the different techniques are compared to verify that their results mutually agree.

Numerical solutions of steady viscous flow past spheres and gas bubbles.

In Part I, numerical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations are given for steady, viscous, incompressible, axisymmetric flow past a rigid and a spherical gas bubble. The problem is formulated in terms of a stream function and the vorticity which are expanded in finite Legendre series. The coefficients in these series satisfy a finite system of ordinary differential equations. A finite-difference scheme is used to solve the system with Newton's method used to solve the nonlinear difference equations. The results agree very well with low and high Reynolds number theories.

The brinelling of small ball bearings

The brinelling of ball bearings is a subject which has had comparatively little study. Since ball bearings have found most of their applications in such things as rotating shafts, there has been little reason to study their action under static loading conditions. This research was suggested by the Fafnir Ball Bearing Company because of the increasing use of ball bearings for static loads in aircraft. In the aircraft business, the designers, because of strict weight requirements, have used ball bearings up to their rated loads. Not infrequently these bearings brinelled. (A brinelled bearing is one in which a dent has been formed in one of the races by a ball). It is therefore evident that more should be known about the brinelling of bearings.

Voting and electoral competition

The behavior of individuals and groups in the political realm is subject to many and varied incentives. These incentives impact significantly not only the candidates who win elections, but also the policies that they implement. This thesis analyzes several aspects of this problem that have until now gone unexplained.

Part 1 contains two models of candidate competition. Chapter 1 details a model of competition under the plurality rule that simultaneously explains two well-documented empirical regularities: that typically only two parties compete in each election (Duverger's Law), and that these parties choose non-centrist policy platforms. I show that if, and only if, competition is for multiple districts does an equilibrium consistent with these phenomena exist. I characterize bounds on district heterogeneity for this to be true, which can be interpreted as describing the domain for Duverger's Law. In Chapter 2, I turn attention to the run-off rule and study a similar model to that of Chapter 1. I find that this subtle change to the counting rule has a significant impact on the incentives and equilibria of the model. In the traditional single district environment there now exists a continuum of two-party non-centrist equilibria, which are robust to simultaneous competition for multiple districts.

Three papers in neuroeconomics

I consider the role of automatic psychological and neural processes in different settings. First, how does advertising affect consumer perceptions of a product? I assert that one of the ma jor mechanisms used in marketing is the creation of implicit associations among concepts. A neural network framework is adapted to model how these associations evolve and interact. Use of this formal model allows us to consider some of the indirect effects of advertising, particularly “spillover” and “dilution” effects where the advertisements for one product can help or harm ther perceptions of another. Second, I use fMRI to consider neural activation patterns during strategic thinking. Two studies reveal the possible importance of various neural areas to belief formation, strategic deception, and suspicion. The ?rst study focuses on the neural correlates of belief formation, particularly the difference between equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium decisions. We ?nd both neural activations and behavioral evidence that sub jects have relatively shallow belief processes, often apparently assigning too much agency to themselves, when they are out of equilibrium. The second study focuses on a bargaining interaction where a “buyer” has incentive to deceive a “seller” in order to get a low price for a hypothetical product. We ?nd neural correlates to strategic deception in the dorsal striatum and to suspicion of deception in the ACC.

Space-distribution of X-ray photoelectrons ejected from the K and L atomic energy-levels

A C.F.R. Wilson expansion-chamber was used to study the space-distribution of photoelectrons ejected from a gas by monochromatic x-rays. Distribution curves were obtained for electrons ejected from both the K and the L atomic energy-levels. A more isotropic space-distribution was found for electrons ejected from the L energy-levels than for those from the K energy-level. The distribution of the electrons from the L energy-levels became less isotropic with an increase in the frequency of the incident radiation. For a given radiation, the average forward momentum of the electrons from the K energy-level was found to decrease with an increase in the binding energy of the parent atom. Within experimental error, however, for electrons from the K energy-level, even for different binding energies, the average forward momentum remained the same for a given velocity of ejection of the electron. The average forward momentum of electrons ejected from the L energy-levels level was greater than that for electrons from the K energy-level for a given velocity of ejection. The average forward momentum of the electrons ejected from the K shell was in fair accord with recent results of quantum mechanics. The observed values of the average forward momentum of the electrons ejected from the L energy-levels were slightly greater than those given by the theory.

The phonon entropy of transition metals and alloys : effects of impurities and of a martensitic phase transition

For a fixed configuration of ions on a given crystalline lattice, low energy excitations around the static average configuration can be thermally activated and will contribute to the entropy of the system. As such, phonons, spin-waves or electronic excitations have their own entropic contribution. This thesis investigates the entropic effects of lattice vibrations in transition metal alloys, both from experimental and computational points of view.

A thermodynamic model of adiabatic melting of the mantle

Mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB) are mixtures of melts produced over a range of pressure and temperature in a nearly adiabatic open system undergoing changes in composition as melting proceeds. Interpretation of the compositional variations observed in MORB and their correlation with geophysical aspects of the ridge therefore requires complex forward models to connect experimental observations of isothermal, isobaric batch melting of peridotite to natural compositions. Previous attempts to construct such models have relied on parameterizations of melt composition or partition coefficients and extent of melting in pressure-temperature space from experimental batch melting data. This thesis undertakes the examination of an alternative approach using thermodynamic models of silicate minerals and melts to predict equilibria under quite arbitrary constraints, including variable bulk composition and constant entropy. The liquids predicted from the thermodynamic models along polybaric paths can then be integrated to produce comprehensive forward models of MORB genesis.

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