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Our misssion: to make the life easier for the researcher of free ebooks.

Architecture Ebooks: Health and Design

Today, humans spend the majority of their lives indoors, and this has been shown to cause ill health effects in many, due to the poor design of our residential and business structures. By incorporating natural and healthy products and design ideas into our buildings we can begin to preserve and improve the health of the occupants, as well as the environment. My health care background, coupled with my lifelong interest and love for building and design, will hopefully ad a unique perspective to a growing interest and importance of the need to consider health in the design of our stmctures.

Economic E-books: Essays in United State Monetary and Fiscal Policy

This free e-books presents five chapters examining some of the issues regarding the dynamics of fiscal and monetary policy in the U.S. Chapter 2 empirically examines the dynamic interaction between monetary and fiscal poHcy. Specifically, this chapter intends to detect the direction and the duration of the impacts and/or responses of monetary and fiscal policy to the movements in the state of the economy.

Changes in the nature of the mutual interaction between the two policies and the new developments in macroeconometric research techniques have prompted such examination.

Free Civil Engineering E-books: The Building Information Model in Facilities Management

The construction industry’s traditional resistance to incorporate change has prevented benefits from technological advancements to accrue. One area in which technology shows potential to benefit the industry is in addressing the existing communication gaps between the designer, builder, and owner. This gap is more evident in the operation and maintenance of a building. At project completion, an owner also receives information of the building. This information is comprised of as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, warranties, and other documents.

Free Computer Ebooks: Updating XML Views

Update operations over XML views are essential for applications using XML views. In this dissertation work, we provide scalable solutions to support updating through XML views defined over relational databases. Especially we focus on the update-public semantic, where updates are always public (made to the public database), and the update-local semantic, where update effects are first kept local and then made public as and when required.

Towards this, we propose the clean extended-source theory for determining whether a correct view update translation exists, which then serves as a theoretical foundation for us to design practical XML view updating algorithms.

Free Math Ebook: Success Factors of Calculus: Hispanics Versus White Non-Hispanics

Students who perform successfiiUy in calculus tend to have strong study habits, adequate math preparation prior to college matriculation, and positive influences such as mentors and/or supportive parents. Statistically, among these students, very few Hispanics appear with the vast majority being white non-Hispanic. This raises an obvious question: To what extent do the factors that contribute to success in calculus for Hispanic students differ from those that contribute to the success in calculus for white non-Hispanics?

Prior research has explored the challenges and resources related to Hispanic culture, language, and economic status in attempts to examine the structural phenomena that contribute to Hispanic marginalization within the institutions and its potential effect on academic performance. The research identified faculty contact and mentoring, social and academic integration, parental and sibling influence, and, of course, study habits as the main factors that affect the achievement in calculus for Hispanic students, just as for non-Hispanic students.

Free Architecture ebook: The Impact of Chemical Hazardous Sites on Residential Values

The Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) has been in existence for twenty years yet no comprehensive study has been performed studying the impact it has on housing values surrounding disclosed sites. While many of the issues have been studied individually, no previous study has investigated them in their entirety. Additionally, no previous study has specifically investigated the impact on nearby housing values of Risk Management Program sites or the impact that Tier Two sites have on nearby housing values.

Free Ebooks Getting Started with Dreamweaver 8

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is a professional HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications.

Whether you enjoy the control of hand-coding HTML, or prefer to work in a visual editing environment, Dreamweaver provides you with helpful tools to enhance your web creation experience.
This free ebook introduces you to using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 if you’re unfamiliar with any major aspect of it.The tutorials in this guide lead you through the process of creating a simple but functional website.

Free Manual Ebooks AUDIX Administration and Data Acquisition Package

This free manual ebooks describes how to use ADAP, the PC-based Administration and Data Acquisition Package which allows voice mail customers to transfer data from a voice mail system to the PC for further processing.

Customers can also use ADAP to modify data directly in the voice mail system subscriber database.

ADAP works with these voice mail systems:

  • Lucent INTUITY AUDIX R2.0, R3.2, R3.3, R4.0 and R5.0 systems
  • DEFINITY AUDIX R3.2 and earlier system versions
  • AUDIX R1V8 and earlier system versions
  • Free Manual Ebook 3Com: NBX® Administrator’s Guide

    This guide provides information and instructions for configuring and managing the 3Com® SuperStack® 3 NBX® Networked Telephony Solution and the 3Com NBX 100 Communications System. For information about installing either system for the first time, see the NBX Installation Guide.


    Free Motivation Ebook: Me, Myself and Work

    Self-esteem has become a major issue for politicians, employers and employees alike. High self-esteem is deemed to be an increasingly desirable asset with more and more products and services promising to help achieve it. It has become a part of our everyday conversations: about work, health, society and our relationships. But self-esteem is also an increasingly contentious subject with some describing it as the ‘most important issue facing society today’ (Oprah Winfrey) and others as ‘snake oil’ (Nicholas Emler, Joseph Rowntree
    Foundation) or a ‘cultural myth for our times’ (Frank Furedi).


    Drawing on the Indonesian experience in 1997, this paper demonstrates the complexity of managing banking crises deals. It aims at deriving conclusions from this experience for other developing countries facing similar problems. The paper also refers to comparative experiences of other countries, in particular Malaysia and Thailand, examines the IMF programme and reveals its shortcomings.

    The key question is to what extent the ineffectiveness and slow progress of bank restructuring, corporate restructuring and continued dilemmas in macroeconomic management in Indonesia were due to shortcomings of the economic programme, its sequencing or emphasis, and to what extent it has to be attributed other factors, including corruption and lack of policy-making capacity.

    Free E-books The creative process: How to create stories and successfully become a writer

    Here are some notes about how to write and how to learn to create stories. You will find that I have separated the tasks of creating a story from the ability to write and you may find this distinction useful as it clarifies the differences between the two skills. They may help you in your adaptation of Turk Street, and if you are interested, in creative writing in general.

    • Learn how to jigsaw; start with stories based on fact, then take on more individual projects.
    • Learn how to recognize material; get into the habit of storing events, people, places, things you have read, and things you have seen so that you have the material in head to jigsaw and create stories.

    Free ebooks: Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site

    Gone beyond Blogger? Want to really be aggressive in functionality and scope of content for your personal, professional or corporate blog? If so, this Comprehensive Guide to a Professsional Blog Site may be useful to you.

    This free e-books is the result of 350 hrs of learning and experimentation to test the boundaries of blog functionality, scope and capabilities. I myself began this process as a total newbie about six months ago – which likely shows in gaps and naïveté – but I have been aggressive in documenting as I have gone. The learning from my professional blog journey, still ongoing, is reflected in these pages.

    This pdf e-books addresses about 100 individual “how to” blogging topics and lessons, all geared to the content-focused and not occasional blogger. More than 140 citations, 80 of which are unique, are provided to other experts with guidance for all of us. The Guide itself occupies 80 pages. It is all free.

    Free Ebooks: The Textbook of Digital Photography

    Not long ago the course title "Digital Photography" implied a course on Photoshop. As digital cameras have become increasingly popular, the introductory course has also gone digital so you are now introduced to photography using a digital camera. As this new era of digital photography matures, it won’t be long before the "digital" in "digital photography" becomes redundant. It will be assumed, because that is the way almost all photography will be done.

    Free E-books Technology-Based Marketing (TBM): A New Competitive Approach for High-Tech Industries

    This Free E-books presents an innovative competitive approach for high-tech industries, named Technology Based Marketing (TBM).


    A Market Analysis, Survey of Providers and Comparative Study of the Methods Used to Offer Home Mortgages in the United States, Proposals to Popularize Islamic Mortgages in America, Challenges and Recommendations

    The American Muslim Community has grown over the last 50 years. Its population is estimated to be 10 million and expected to expand to approximately 15 million by 2020 mainly through birth. The community has been endowed with a reservoir of highly qualified professionals, entrepreneurs, business executives, successful scholars and distinguished students. Most of the community members are compelled to violate one of the most basic requirements of their faith and that is dealing with interest; i.e. RIBA.

    Free E-book History of the United States

    Free E-book History of the United States
    As things now stand, the course of instruction in American history in our public schools embraces three distinct treatments of the subject. Three separate books are used. First, there is the primary book, which is usually a very condensed narrative with emphasis on biographies and anecdotes. Second, there is the advanced text for the seventh or eighth grade, generally speaking, an expansion of the elementary book by the addition of forty or fifty thousand words. Finally, there is the high school manual. This, too, ordinarily follows the beaten path, giving fuller accounts of the same events and characters. To put it bluntly, we do not assume that our children obtain permanent possessions from their study of history in the lower grades. If mathematicians followed the same method, high school texts on algebra and geometry would include the multiplication table and fractions.

    Honda 2007 CR-V Owner’s Manual

    Your CR-V has higher ground clearance than a passenger vehicle designed for use only on pavement. Higher ground clearance has many advantages for off-highway driving. It allows you to travel over bumps, obstacles, and rough terrain. It also provides good visibility so you can anticipate problems earlier.

    Free Economic E-books Relative Wages and Endogenous Growth

    Technological progress, human capital, and tax policies play an important role in growth.

    Recent models of endogenous growth based on technological progress predict that high technological progress and growth are associated with a high relative supply of skilled workers who earn constant or relatively low wages.

    Chapter 1 of this dissertation reviews recent models of endogenous growth. The 1980s, however, are associated with high technological progress, high relative supply and increasing relative wages of skilled workers.

    Free Nursing Ebooks Clinical standards for working in a breast specialty

    Free Nursing Ebooks Clinical standards for working in a breast specialtyThe Royal College of Nursing’s Breast Care Nursing Society is committed to promoting excellence in nursing practice. The following clinical standards articulate dimensions of breast care nursing that are designed to promote uniform and high quality care. They provide guidance for nursing performance, and define what it means to provide skilled nursing care within a breast specialty.

    These clinical standards should be used in conjunction with the RCN’s Core career and competency framework. The standards contain essential knowledge and skills which are the prerequisites for competent nursing practice.



    Free E-books: THE OUTLINE OF SCIENCE Was it not the great philosopher and mathematician Leibnitz who said that the more knowledge advances the more it becomes possible to condense it into little books? Now this "Outline of Science" is certainly not a little book, and yet it illustrates part of the meaning of Leibnitz's wise saying. For here within reasonable compass there is a library of little books—an outline of many sciences.

    Free Architecture Ebooks: The First Optimum Performance Home

    Free Architecture Ebooks: The First Optimum Performance Home“Green” sustainable building projects are quite different than traditional construction projects with new materials, processes, unique costs, and much more time and resources utilized in the planning process.

    At the outset of the design of the first Optimum Performance Home, due consideration was given to incorporating building materials, systems, and assemblies used in the exterior and interior design and construction of the home that would mitigate fire risk, and as it turns out, the Optimum Performance Home will be in full compliance with the new California building codes, and in fact, exceed those provisions with attention to fire-risk mitigation in the interior of the home.


    Free e-books : SAMSUNG COMBINED PROGRAMMING MANUALThis manual describes the MMC programming required for the following types of Samsung DCS keyphone system:
    · DCS
    · DCS Compact (Compact I)
    · DCS Compact II
    · DCS-816
    · DCS-408
    · DCS-408i.
    In this manual, these systems are referred to as “DCS,” “Compact I (CI),” “Compact II (CII)," "816," "408" and “408i” respectively. Programming requirements for these system types are generally the same, but occasionally there are differences. Users of 408 and 408i systems should also read Programming DCS-408 and 408i Systems in section 1.5.4 of this manual. Unless otherwise stated, references to “DCS” include Compact I systems.

    The different system types are discussed fully in the separate Samsung General Description manuals for each system, where these have been published.


    Free Automotive E-books Corvette VEHICLE DISMANTLING MANUAL

    Free Automotive E-books Corvette VEHICLE DISMANTLING MANUALThis vehicle has a Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR), “airbag” system. When performing disassembly on or near the SIR components or the SIR wiring, refer to cautions below. Failure to follow the cautions could cause airbag deployment or personal injury.
    • Be careful when handling a SIR sensor. Do not strike or jolt a SIR sensor.
    • Do not carry the inflator module by the wires or connector on the inflator module.
    • Make sure the airbag opening points away from you.
    • When storing an undeployed inflator module, make sure the airbag opening points away from the surface on which the inflator module rests.
    • Provide free space for the airbag to expand in case of an accidental deployment.

    Follow all applicable local laws and ordinances while performing procedures and processes related to these activities.


    Free E-books The 2007 Powers Fastening Handbook: For anchoring tp All Base Materials

    Free E-books The 2007 Powers Fastening Handbook: For anchoring tp All Base Materials The Powers Fastening Handbook is the latest of many technical publications from Powers Fasteners. The Fastening Handbook is designed as a convenient, quick reference source for the end user. It is small enough to carry just about anywhere: the tool box, job-site trailer, truck, etc..

    Although compact, the Handbook contains the entire Powers product line along with useful information including:
    • Product Descriptions
    • Installation Instructions
    • Part Numbers
    • Performance Data
    • Product Approvals


    Free Parenting Ebooks: CARING FOR YOUR NEWBORN

    Free Parenting Ebooks: CARING FOR YOUR NEWBORNCongratulations on the birth of your baby! Whether you’re a first time parent or a veteran, a newborn baby is always a wonder.
    This booklet provides an overview of some of the special characteristics you may notice about your newborn, and guides you through the basics of infant care. It will also help you recognize potential health concerns with your baby, and know when to seek medical help.

    Keep in mind that no booklet can replace the advice and care you receive from a doctor and other health care providers. We encourage you to consult with your baby’s doctor any time you have questions or concerns about your baby’s health.


    Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX

    Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET AJAXAJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, and it's a sort of blanket term coined in 2005 to indicate rich, highly interactive, and responsive Web applications that do a lot of work on the client and place out-of-band calls to the server. An out-of-band call is a server request that results in a page update rather than a page replacement. The net effect is that an AJAX Web application tends to look like a classic desktop Microsoft Windows application and has advanced features such as drag-and-drop and asynchronous tasks, a strongly responsive and nonflickering user interface, and far less user frustration.

    Free Forex Ebooks Trading For Living in the Forex Market

    Free Forex Ebooks Trading For Living in the Forex MarketForex – What is it? The international currency market Forex is a special kind of the world financial market. Trader’s purpose on the Forex to get profit as the result of foreign currencies purchase and sale. The exchange rates of all currencies being in the market turnover are permanently changing under the action of the demand and supply alteration. The latter is a strong subject to the influence of any important for the human society event in the sphere of economy, politics and nature. Consequently current prices of foreign currencies, evaluated for instance in US dollars, fluctuate towards its higher and lower meanings.

    Free Forex PDF Ebooks The Secrets To Emotion Free Trading

    You will see this theme throughout this book. It is the most important concept you can learn in order to be a successful trader. If you can master this skill, you can be very successful in this business. But without it, you are destined to fail. It really is that simple. If you can learn to act in your own best interest, you will make a lot of money trading. If you do not learn to act in your own best interest, you will lose a lot of money trading.

    BMW X3 2.5i - X3 3.0i Owner's Manual for Vehicle

    BMW X3 2.5i - X3 3.0i Owner's Manual for VehiclePlease take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarize yourself with the information that we have compiled for you before starting off in your new vehicle. It contains important data and instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum use and satisfaction from your BMW's unique range of technical features.

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