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PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns PDF Ebook

PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns PDF Ebook

In this article, you learn how to use PHP’s more advanced object-oriented capabilities. When you finish reading this chapter, you will have learned:

Overloading capabilities that can be controlled from PHP code
In PHP 5, extensions written in C can overload almost every aspect of the object syntax. It also allows PHP code to overload a limited subset that is most often needed. This section covers the overloading abilities that you can control from your PHP code.
PHP allows overloading of property access and method calls by implementing
special proxy methods that are invoked if the relevant property or method
doesn’t exist. This gives you a lot of flexibility in intercepting these actions and defining your own functionality.

Hydrocolloid recipe collection pdf ebook

Hydrocolloid recipe collection pdf ebook

A hydrocolloid can simply be defined as a substance that forms a gel in contact with water. Such substances include both polysaccharides and proteins which are capable of one or more of the following: thickening and gelling aqueous solutions, stabilizing foams, emulsions and dispersions and preventing crystallization of saturated water or sugar solutions.

In the recent years there has been a tremendous interest in molecular gastronomy. Part of this interest has been directed towards the “new” hydrocolloids. The term “new” includes hydrocolloids such as xanthan which is a result of relatively recent research, but also hydrocolloids such as agar which has been unknown in western cooking, but used in Asia for decades. One fortunate consequence of the increased interest in molecular gastronomy and hydrocolloids is that hydrocolloids that were previously only available to the food industry have become available in small quantities at a reasonable price. A less fortunate consequence however is that many have come to regard molecular gastronomy as synonymous with the use of hydrocolloids to prepare foams and spheres. I should therefore emphasize that molecular gastronomy is not limited to the use of hydrocolloids and that it is not the intention of this collection of recipes to define molecular gastronomy.

Free PDF Unix programming tools

Unix programming tools

This article explains the overall edit-compile-link-debug programming cycle and
introduces several common Unix programming tools -- gcc, make, gdb, emacs, and the
Unix shell. The goal is to describe the major features and typcial uses of the tools and show how they fit together with enough detail for simple projects. We've used a version of this article at Stanford to help students get started with Unix.

  • Introduction — the compile-link process
  • The gcc compiler/linker
  • The make project utility
  • The gdb debugger
  • The emacs editor
  • Summary of Unix shell commands

Honda Common Service Manual


This manual explains the theory of operation of the various systems common to HONDA motorcycles and motor scooters and ATVs. It also provides basic information on troubleshootinh, inspection and repair of components and systems found on theese machines.

The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King
The Forgotten King is new ebook writen by Jonathan Dunn.

The Forgotten King ebookis a history of the Dark Ages, of the forgotten ages that followed the fall of Rome. Civilization did not collapse with the Roman empire, however, but grew again on an island nation off the coast of Europe. It was called Atilta, a land of ancient forests and great, maritime capitals. At this time, it was at war with itself as its people fought for freedom. Yet the freedoms they desired were contradictory: some longed to overthrow their tyrannical king, others their tyrannical God. It was a fight of forest against city, and nature against civilization; of man against beast, and beast against God. But whom was the victor? For the island of Atilta is no longer to be found. Yet its history remains, embedded into the myths and legends of an exiled people. This is its story. This is the history of The Forgotten King.

predatory trading.pdf

Free PDF Ebook: predatory trading
MARKUS K. BRUNNERMEIER and LASSE HEJE PEDERSEN write down about predatory trading.
This paper studies predatory trading, trading that induces and/or exploits the need of other investors to reduce their positions.We show that if one trader needs to sell, others also sell and subsequently buy back the asset. This leads to price overshooting and a reduced liquidation value for the distressed trader. Hence, the market is illiquid when liquidity is most needed. Further, a trader profits from triggering another trader’s crisis, and the crisis can spill over across traders and across markets.


The old maxim, that "Knowledge is power," is a true one, but there is still a greater truth: "KNOWLEDGE IS SAFETY." Safety amid physical ills that beset mankind, and safety amid the moral pitfalls that surround so many young people, is the great crying demand of the age.

Criticism.—This work, though plain and to some extent startling, is chaste, practical and to the point, and will be a boon and a blessing to thousands who consult its pages. The world is full of ignorance, and the ignorant will always criticise, because they live to suffer ills, for they know no better. New light is fast falling upon the dark corners, and the eyes of many are being opened.

Free PDF Moving XML Data using Object-oriented PHP

Free PDF Moving XML Data using Object-oriented PHP

As a programming language, PHP has many advantages, such as ease of use, quick development time, and very high performance. The question that really matters is “can you use PHP to write object-oriented applications?”
With PHP 5’s brand new object model, PHP 5 has become a language that leverages the power and flexibility of object-oriented programming in a number of useful ways. Like most object-oriented languages, PHP 5 allows the developer to take advantage of interfaces, abstract classes, private/public/protected access modifiers, static members and methods, exception handling, and other features that were not available in prior releases of PHP. Perhaps the most important thing to note about the object-oriented improvements of PHP 5 is that objects are now referenced by handle and not by value.
Object-oriented PHP thus gives us the ability to build more scalable applications, make effective reuse of code, and handle exceptions elegantly. Welcome news to many a PHP-and-Java developer is that PHP can integrate with Java—you can activate Java objects in your PHP code and then use those objects as if they were regular PHP objects.

Free PDF Accessing MySQL from PHP

Free PDF Accessing MySQL from PHP

This guide is an attempt to provide more or less complete information on accessing MySQL API functionality from PHP web scripting language.

Today PHP is one of the most usable web languages used for server-side scripting. The usability of PHP came obvious since version 3 was released, and version 4 introduced another amount of useful features. A number of companies already moved from Perl/CGI to PHP, and more still to come.

PHP engine is typically used with Apache server under POSIX-compatible operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, other UNIX clones, etc.). However PHP itself isn’t dependent on a particular web-server or operating system.

In the whole guide, PHP 4.0.6 or later version is assumed, however most of information will also be applicable to earlier versions of PHP. All OS-specific stuff will be marked as such.

PHP functionality, including installation process, is about the same for all POSIX-compatible operating systems, while it slightly differs for Microsoft Windows, and thus two MySQL-API installation sections are included to this guide.



The lover of country life who looks upon rural objects in the true spirit, and, for the first time surveys the cultivated portions of the United States, will be struck with the incongruous appearance and style of our farm houses and their contiguous buildings; and, although, on examination, he will find many, that in their interior accommodation, and perhaps relative arrangement to each other, are tolerably suited to the business and convenience of the husbandman, still, the feeling will prevail that there is an absence of method, congruity, and correct taste in the architectural structure of his buildings generally, by the American farmer.
We may, in truth, be said to have no architecture at all, as exhibited in our agricultural districts, so far as any correct system, or plan is concerned, as the better taste in building, which a few years past has introduced among us, has been chiefly confined to our cities and towns of rapid growth. Even in the comparatively few buildings in the modern style to be seen in our farming districts, from the various requirements of 14 those buildings being partially unknown to the architect and builder, who had their planning—and upon whom, owing to their own inexperience in such matters, their employers have relied—a majority of such dwellings have turned out, if not absolute failures, certainly not what the necessities of the farmer has demanded. Consequently, save in the mere item of outward appearance—and that, not always—the farmer and cottager have gained nothing, owing to the absurdity in style or arrangement, and want of fitness to circumstances adopted for the occasion.

Download Free PDF ebookTop 21 PHP Programming Mistakes - Part 3: Seven Deadly Mistakes

Download Free PDF ebookTop 21 PHP Programming Mistakes - Part 3: Seven Deadly Mistakes

This article is intended for the PHP programmer interested in avoiding some of the most common mistakes when applying PHP. The reader is expected to at least be familiar with PHP syntax, but should have a working knowledge of PHP functionality as well.

One of PHP's greatest strengths happens to be one of its greatest weaknesses as well: PHP is easy to learn. Many people are attracted to the language because of this, not realizing that it's a lot tougher to learn how to do it right.
There just hasn't been enough emphasis on good programming practice. Inexperienced coders are being asked to create and distribute complex web applications. Mistakes that an experienced programmer would avoid are all too common, such as the improper use of the printf() function or the misapplication of PHP's semantics.
In this three part article series, I present a list of 21 mistakes that I believe are frequently made and ranging in severity from non-critical down to those that can break the farm. I offer solutions, suggestions and/or comments on how to solve and prevent these errors, in addition to other tricks of the trade that I have gained over the years.

Free PDF How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative.pdf

MacLeod, an advertising executive and popular blogger with a flair for the creative, gives his 26 tried-and-true tips for being truly creative. Each point illustrated by a cartoon drawn by the author himself.

If you've ever felt the draw to do something creative but just haven't been able to pull it together, you'll love this manifesto.

PDF Ebook: Sharpen Your Trading Skill

PDF Ebook: Sharpen Your Trading Skill

This is one of David Chia's ebook on how to make winning trades in forex/futures market. Very good for beginners. Expert traders also can review their skills by reading this ebook. Discuss about Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make and How to Avoid, How to Improve Your Technical Skills, How to Make Money in Different Types of Market, How to get A Precise Trading System and some Nuggests of Wisdom from Jesse Livermore, the greatest trader ever.



The small East Texas town of Coreyville is shaken by brutal murders and kidnappings, striking too close to home for Greg Tenorly. And the only witness is a mentally ill neighbor whose remarks are rejected by the police as gibberish. But Greg listens carefully to the man’s seemingly incoherent statements, and later realizes that they just might contain enough clues to point him in the direction of the killer.

But his investigation leads him into a hornet’s nest of dark secrets, old grudges, jealousy, and greed. Now, caught in the crossfire between two families, Greg’s life is in serious jeopardy.

By morning, more bodies will be headed for the morgue. The only question is whether Greg Tenorly will be among them.



The primary objective of this research is to realize an adaptable online architectural virtual reality (VR) model whose color attributes can be changed dynamically according to the identified emotional state of the user. This paper addresses how to capture a specific user’s emotion through the web and use it for modifying architectural VR model mainly for its color adaptation. This adaptation process consists of three phases:

    1) identification of the user’s emotional state projected onto the selected paintings
    2)translation of the extracted emotional keywords into a pertinent set of colors
    3) automated color adaptation process for the given VR model.

In this paper, we introduced a method of using well-known paintings and their variations to derive online viewer’s emotional state which can be utilized to find a new color coordination scheme reflecting the identified emotion. This color harmony scheme can provide a useful information for a dynamic color adaptation for the objects embedded in the given VR model. The outcome of this study could enable an interactive and dynamic architectural VR model supporting emotion-responsive interior design simulations or the realization of an architectural environment where interior colors are changed according to the captured mood of the occupant.

Rock Plant Filter Design for Home Wastewater.pdf

Rock Plant Filter Design for Home Wastewater.pdf

A rock-plant filter, also called constructed wetland, is a term applied to a system designed to accomplish specific treatment tasks for wastewater, mimicking natural wetlands. Natural wetlands are environments where plant roots are submerged in water or saturated soil all or most of the time.

They have several unique and desirable properties. Natural wetlands allow flows to expand and contract while removing and assimilating nutrients and other contaminants. Wetlands are sometimes referred to as the purifier in the environment.

Rock-plant filters have been developed, researched and promoted to treat wastewater. These systems include areas, usually lined with impermeable materials, where wetland plants are grown in wastewater. Since about 1980, they have received
attention as a viable method for treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewaters and for remediation of contaminated sites. Wastewater supplied to these wetlands has previously been treated by wastewater ponds, extended aeration,
activated sludge, or some other method to stabilize the wastewater. The wetland provides added treatment to improve quality of the effluent by removing nutrients and reducing suspended solids.

Plant Design Making Safe.pdf

Plant Design Making Safe.pdf

Plant is a general name for machinery, tools, appliances and equipment. It can include things as diverse as presses in a foundry and computers in an office. It can range from scaffolding to lifts and escalators; from tractors to hand trolleys; cranes to commercial fishing nets; arc welding gear to electric drills. In some States and Territories it also includes manual tools like hammers and knives.

Thoughtful design of plant can eliminate many of its risks to health and safety from the beginning. Careful manufacture can ensure it’s as safe as the designer intended it to be, and suppliers can then carry through to deliver safe plant to the workplace — significantly reducing the chances that people using it will be harmed.

Sexual Selection and the American Novel

Sexual Selection and the American Novel

In the middle and late 1990s when I was pursuing a PhD in English, my fixed interest in evolution and human behavior was so outré that I quickly learned to avoid mentioning it to my peers and professors. My intellectual isolation was made bearable only by the new prevalence of email, which allowed me to hook up with kindred heretics around the world, and by a small handful of relatively obscure but thoroughly Darwinian works of literary scholarship. I learned much from Robert Storey's Mimesis and the Human Animal: On the Biogenetic Foundations of Literary Representation (Northwestern 1996) and from Joseph Carroll's landmark Evolution and Literary Theory (Missouri 1994), which combined a cruelly honed polemic against postmodernism with an inspiring call to situate literary scholarship within the emerging evolutionary paradigm. Though it lacked the revolutionary energy of Storey's and Carroll's offerings (Storey goes so far as to call Foucault an “ass” for his argument that man is a “recent invention” of the last several centuries, p. 59), I also took interest in Bert Bender's The Descent of Love: Darwin and the Theory of Sexual Selection in American Fiction, 1871-1926 (Pennsylvania 1996). Bender documented the ways that late 19th century and early 20th century American novelists struggled to come to grips with the new Darwinian worldview, especially with the implications of the theory of sexual selection.

Free ebook computer animation.pdf

Free ebook computer animation.pdf

Animation is the production of consecutive images, which, when displayed, convey a feeling of motion. Animated images are almost magical in their ability to capture our imagination. By telling a compelling story, astounding with special e_ects, or mesmerizing with abstract motion, animation can infuse a sequence of inert images with the illusion of motion and life. Creating this illusion, either by hand or with the assistance of com puter software, is not easy. Each individual image, or frame, in the animated sequence must blend seamlessly with the other images to create smooth and continuous motion that ows through time.

Traditionally, animation was created by drawing images of the characters for each frame in the action. At the start of the production, the animator is given storyboards, which are sketches depicting the sequence of majoractions and illustrating the expressions of the characters. The animator also works from a _nished soundtrack, which determines the timing of the piece. In older animations, the background scenery was often stationary and the characters were painted on cels, pieces of clear celluloid that could be stacked on top of the background. Most hand animation is created with keyframing where a lead animator creates the key, or most important frames, and a second animator creates the in between frames. Regardless of the medium, the challenge for the animator is to create images that impart expressiveness and life to the character.

Free Ebook Corel Draw 12 and 13 Basic Setting

Free Ebook Corel Draw 12 and 13 Basic Setting

This ebook containing about basic setting of both Corel Draw X3 and Corel Draw 12. Since about page setup, zero point setup, and color setup. This ebook explaining well all about them with displaying some picture.

Planning Guide for Older Consumers

Planning Guide For Older Consumers
When you are in good health, it is hard to imagine that you will ever need help with everyday tasks at home. But a serious fall or chronic illness can quickly drain hardearned retirement dollars and leave you facing a cash crunch. Planning for your future health needs can be frustrating. As you get older, high quality long-term care insurance may become unaffordable. Some people do not want to rely on government or deplete their retirement funds to qualify for public programs. If you are like most people, you could end up using a “pay as you go” approach, where you rely on income and savings, and hope for the best.

There is another option. For many older families, home equity is their single, biggest financial asset. Using home equity through a reverse mortgage could be an important strategy to help deal with the financial challenges of living at home with a chronic health problem. Reverse mortgages are a special type of loan that allows people age 62 and older to convert home equity into cash while they continue to live at home for as long as they want. These types of loans are called “reverse” mortgages because payments flow from the lender to the homeowner.

Many people hold onto the equity in their home as a nest-egg to deal with financial emergencies. But a reverse mortgage can be more than just a last resort. If used wisely, these loans can pay for preventive measures and day-to-day support so you can continue to live at home safely and comfortably.

They can also strengthen your financial plans by filling in gaps, and can help you manage your cash flow to deal with declining health and ability.
Using home equity for a chronic health condition can seem like a good idea. But is it right for you? It is a decision you should consider carefully since the house may be your most valuable financial resource.

Free Ebook PHP 5 Power Programming

Free Ebook PHP 5 Power Programming
This book is an introduction to the advanced features new to PHP 5. It is written for PHP programmers who are making the move to PHP 5. Although Chapter 2, “PHP 5 Basic Language,” contains an introduction to PHP 5 syntax, it is meant as a refresher for PHP programmers and not as a tutorial for.

Chapter 1, “What Is New in PHP 5?” discusses the new features in PHP 5. Most of these new features deal with new object-oriented features, including small examples for each feature. It also gives an overview of the new extensions in PHP 5. more detail in later chapters.

Chapter 2, “PHP 5 Basic Language,” introduces the PHP syntax to those readers not familiar with PHP. Chapter 3, “PHP 5 OO Language,” continues exploring PHP 5's syntax, focusing on its object-oriented functionality. Using the previous chapter as a foundation,

Chapter 4, “PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns,” covers some of the most advanced features of PHP 5’s object model. Chapter 5, “How to Write a Web Application with PHP,” introduces you to the world of writing web applications. The authors show you basics, such as handling input through form variables and safety techniques, but this chapter also includes more advanced topics, such as handling sessions with cookies
and PHP's session extension. Chapter 6, “Databases with PHP 5,” introduces using MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle from PHP, but focuses primarily on the PHP 5-specific details of database access. course, you learn how to interface with them using PHP's native functions or using PEAR DB.
Chapter 7, “Error Handling,” deals with different types of errors that exist, how to handle those errors with PHP, and how to handle errors with PEAR. As one of the important new features in PHP 5 is its renewed XML support, a chapter on XML features in PHP 5 could not be missed.

How to Finding the Right Home Office Furniture

How to Finding the Right Home Office Furniture
Home office furniture options vary from large to small, portable to permanent, lightweight to heavy duty and reliable to "you get what you pay for." Before you rush to furnish your new office or refurbish an existing one, consider a few questions.

Do You Want Or Need New Furniture?
Is your existing furniture fitting your needs? Do you have enough drawer space or filing space? If what you are using isn't necessarily stylish or appealing, yet functional, then stick with what you have until you absolutely can't stand it anymore. The main difference between wanting and needing furniture could mean the difference between upgrading your computer, fax or other equipment and having a nice looking office. Determine your priorities and needs, then decide if you need new furniture now or if you can postpone a furniture purchase for a while.

Architecture ebook Lighting for Universal Design

Free Architecture ebook Lighting for Universal Design

Lighting is the application of light. What we do with lights, where we place them, how much area we light with them, what color “white” light we choose, what shadows we cast, or which artwork we accent––the effects we create––this is lighting.

As we get older we need more light, but it must be more shielded, balanced, and
uniform light.

Lighting that is the most effective for an application while using the least amount of energy can be considered energy-efficient.

Lighting for universal design is lighting that grows and shrinks as we do; it lives with us, and adapts to our needs.

Free Ebook Motivation, Test Scores, and Economic Success

Free Ebook Motivation, Test Scores, and Economic Success

This paper is about investigate through which channels low-stakes test scores relate to economic success. The inferences in the economic literature regarding test scores and their association with economic outcomes are mostly based on tests without performance-based incentives, administered to survey participants.

The lack of performance-based incentives allows for the possibility that higher test scores are caused by non-cognitive skills associated with test-taking motivation, and not necessarily by cognitive skills alone. The coding speed test, which is a short and very simple test available for participants in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 (NLSY), may serve as a proxy for test-taking motivation. To gather more definite evidence on the motivational component in the coding speed test conduct a controlled experiment, in which induce motivation via the provision of incentives.

Free Ebook A Guide To Home Water Treatment

Free Ebook A Guide To Home Water Treatment

ALTHOUGH most drinking water in the United States isconsidered safe, there is increasing concern about thequality of drinking water as more and more pollutants arefound in groundwater supplies. health problems resulting from these contaminants iscausing consumers to wonder what they can do to ensurethe quality of their own water supply.

The most strongly recommended and best solutions to theproblem of a contaminated water source are either endingthe practices causing degradation of the water source, orchanging water sources. One viable alternative for people with contaminateddrinking water may be to install a home water treatmentsystem. Note that home water treatment is consideredonly a temporary solution. Treatment systems can bequite expensive, require regular monitoring andcontaminants. degree or type of contamination changes over time. result, it may be recommended that bottled water be usedfor drinking and cooking purposes.

Free ebook Photoshop CS2 Workflow: The Digital Photographer's Guide Chapter 5

Personal Finance eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

As you start working on the actual adjustments to optimize your images, basic tonal and color adjustments provide the foundation for building the final result. Having a firm understanding of how to apply this basic adjustments wil ensure you are working toward the best quality from the beginning.

For many images, these may be the only adjustments you need. For other images, these adjustments represent the first step toward producing an image that matches the vision you had when you first clicked the shutter release.

A Budgeting Sucess Novel: Money For Life

A Budgeting Sucess Novel: Money For Life

TODAY WE LIVE in a society driven by financial excesses. Total consumer debt in the United States exceeds 1.7 trillion dollars.1 In the early nineties, according to the Economic Policy Institute based in Washington D.C., the average household debt was a staggering 80 percent of annual net income. Today, that number has grown to an unbelievable 109 percent.2 The number of those seeking protection from creditors through personal bankruptcy is growing at an alarming rate.

The resulting stress has severely impacted families. Studies show that financial issues are the number one cause of contention in homes and the number one contributor to divorce.

The good news is that despite the worrisome financial dynamics of our complex society, there are now tools available to help reverse—or all together avoid—the downward cycle of debt, daily financial stress, and frustration. Here is the story of a couple who were able to change their life and successfully set their course in the direction of financial freedom through the use of a remarkable tool especially designed for use in today’s financial world.
Ryan and Christine Richardson once enjoyed a solid relationship. They were educated, had a good income, and were focused on successfully raising a family. situation, they had allowed financial stress and frustration to erode their happiness. Finally understanding the direction they were headed, Ryan and Christine decided to change their financial course.

Personal Finance eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Personal Finance eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Buying a home, saving for retirement or for children’s education, or even effectively managing the family budget now requires more financial sophistication than ever before. Financially literate consumers make the financial marketplace work better, and they are better-informed citizens as well.
Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman, Federal Reserve System

offers introductory guidance to individuals and families seeking help to develop a plan for building personal wealth. While a comprehensive discussion of accounting, finance and investment options is beyond the scope of this workbook, it presents an overview of personal wealthbuilding strategies.

Paying bills online can save you money - Chicago Tribune

Paying bills online can save you money
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