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The Anabolic Diet

You’ve heard it all before. Everybody from the American Medical Association to the media trendsetters to that so-called “expert” at your neighborhood gym has been saying the same thing for the last three decades: Fat is bad. Carbohydrates are good. If you want to get the body you’ve been working so hard for, you’ve got to focus on those carbohydrates and keep fat to an absolute minimum. So you dedicate yourself to living by the percentages the Lords of Lowfat give you. 55 percent carbs. No more than 15 percent fat. You load up on turkey and chicken. You separate the egg whites. You surgically remove all visible fat from any piece of meat. You always broil. Never fry.

Fact is, the high carbohydrate diet favored by so many bodybuilders can actually work against them. They bulk up on all those carbs and end up packing on a tremendous amount of bodyfat. Then, when it’s time to cut, too much muscle ends up being left in the gym along with the bodyfat.

Strength levels and personal motivation drops. You can become irritable. Maybe even depressed. By the time that contest you’ve been working so hard for comes around, you often look no better than you did for the last contest. You may look worse. read more, download the full ebook.

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The Anabolic Diet