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The Australian Guide to Healthy eating

A food selection guide has been described as ‘an educational and promotional tool which converts scientific knowledge of food composition and nutritional requirements for health into a practical guide for food selection’ (7). The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is a tool which can be used by health and education professionals and the food industry to promote good nutrition in their work.

This will include such activities as the development of educational and public health programs, promotional messages, nutrition resources and healthy menus. It will also be used for patient and client counselling. It provides a basis for the development of consistent messages about healthy eating for the public.

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating provides a conceptual framework for understanding the relationship between foods and nutrients. It is primarily concerned with physical health and its purpose is to provide information about the kinds of foods to choose each day. A population level approach to food guidance has been taken which is based on the food intakes and health problems of the population as a whole.

The Australian Guide to Healthy eating