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Food Matters

The principals of the Food Matters ‘Detox and Rejuvenation Guide’ lie in understanding the very make up of our bodies and what exactly constitutes health. What is health? We’ve come to accept that health is simply the “state of being free from illness or injury” (Oxford American Dictionary). But it is not difficult to see that you can be free from illness and injury and far from healthy, would you agree?

Health is the ultimate force in the universe, it is energy. In fact “the body is an energy system. Organs are simply collections of cells with identical vibrational patterns and it is a disruption in cellular energy that we label disease.” (Taub, M.D., F.A.A.P.) This is exactly what most ancient healing systems in the world have based their philosophy towards wellbeing on, and if we’re looking at track record here then we’ve got thousands of years to go by. So if a lack or disruption of energy causes disease, and to be free of disease is health then health is energy.

Energy comes from the little powerhouses in the body called cells of which there are over 75 trillion, right now all working together to produce the living breathing you (Hendler, 1990). In these cells all the nutrients from our food are processed, the waste eliminated and energy is produced. So in looking at health and what constitutes the best food for us to eat we need to look at exactly what it is that causes our cells not only to survive, but more importantly, to thrive. To find the ultimate recipe for health we need to break down what it is that every cell in our body needs to thrive.

Food Matters