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The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle

The Fast-5 Diet is the temporary use of the Fast-5 plan to lose excess fat and reach a goal weight. The Fast-5 Lifestyle is the permanent adoption of the Fast-5 plan to maintain a lean weight and sustain a reduction of calorie intake that may have substantial health and longevity benefits. The practice of the diet and lifestyle is the same.

If you are over your desired weight now, that means that your eating pattern (diet) of recent years is not a good one for you to maintain for the rest of your life. If it added excess fat in the past, it will do so again. You cannot start any weight-reduction diet and expect to go back to your former eating habits without the weight coming right back. To avoid regaining the weight, you have to make a permanent change.

The guide to successful adoption of the Fast-5 diet and lifestyle is presented first (Section I) followed by the explanation and resources supporting the Fast-5 approach (Section II). If, after reading this introduction, you feel the Fast-5 plan is intimidating or believe it is too austere or too radical to adopt, please skip to Section II. Understanding why the diet works and why it is not as radical as it sounds can help you successfully adopt it. If you read only the introduction, start on the Fast-5 plan, then find yourself failing, please read the remainder of the guide. If you're successful after reading only this introduction, your result is worth far more than you paid for this book even if you never read past page six. The framework of the Fast-5 plan is so simple it is fully described in the next three pages.

The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle