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Vignette CMS V7 Content User Instruction Manual

In January 2003, LSA Development, Marketing and Communications (DMC) launched the new College of LSA website. Besides the complete graphical redesign, new audience-based architecture and revision of content, this was also the first site in the College to utilize the Vignette Content Management System (CMS) Version 6. Implementing a CMS for web content offers numerous benefits to people publishing and maintaining web pages, as well as to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and others who visit these websites: departments & units using the CMS have the ability to add or edit web content without needing any HTML, resulting in websites that are more current and useful.

Since the launch of the College’s site, DMC has worked with many LSA units to redesign their existing websites and move them into the CMS. Departments and units with sites in the CMS no longer need to rely on limited staff with HTML knowledge to make small changes to websites – they benefit from the conveniences of a CMS. In 2006 LSA decided to upgrade the Vignette Content Management System to V7.

V6 was a very aggressive and new technology: LSA was among the first colleges in the country to invest in a CMS of Vignette’s size. Since its deployment, College staff has evaluated content management in the College and, along with realizing the many benefits, have suggested improvements and new features.

Vignette CMS V7 Content User Instruction Manual