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An An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde

An Ideal Husband is about a group of rich people in London during the 1890s. Sir Robert Chiltern, is the ‘ideal husband’ who works in the government’s foreign office and has a happy marriage, or does he?

In Act 1, a beautiful and sophisticated woman called Mrs Cheveley arrives. She has been out of England. Her arrival brings trouble for Sir Robert. She has a secret letter about him and she wants him to get the government to agree to a building plan for Argentina, which will make her rich. Sir Robert tells his wife, Lady Chiltern. She asks him not to do what Mrs Cheveley wants. Mrs Cheveley then tells Lady Chiltern that Sir Robert once sold a government secret to a businessman for money. This information is revealed in Mrs Cheveley’s ‘letter’. In fact, Mrs Cheveley is using the letter to blackmail Sir Robert.

The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King
The Forgotten King is new ebook writen by Jonathan Dunn.

The Forgotten King ebookis a history of the Dark Ages, of the forgotten ages that followed the fall of Rome. Civilization did not collapse with the Roman empire, however, but grew again on an island nation off the coast of Europe. It was called Atilta, a land of ancient forests and great, maritime capitals. At this time, it was at war with itself as its people fought for freedom. Yet the freedoms they desired were contradictory: some longed to overthrow their tyrannical king, others their tyrannical God. It was a fight of forest against city, and nature against civilization; of man against beast, and beast against God. But whom was the victor? For the island of Atilta is no longer to be found. Yet its history remains, embedded into the myths and legends of an exiled people. This is its story. This is the history of The Forgotten King.



The small East Texas town of Coreyville is shaken by brutal murders and kidnappings, striking too close to home for Greg Tenorly. And the only witness is a mentally ill neighbor whose remarks are rejected by the police as gibberish. But Greg listens carefully to the man’s seemingly incoherent statements, and later realizes that they just might contain enough clues to point him in the direction of the killer.

But his investigation leads him into a hornet’s nest of dark secrets, old grudges, jealousy, and greed. Now, caught in the crossfire between two families, Greg’s life is in serious jeopardy.

By morning, more bodies will be headed for the morgue. The only question is whether Greg Tenorly will be among them.

A Budgeting Sucess Novel: Money For Life

A Budgeting Sucess Novel: Money For Life

TODAY WE LIVE in a society driven by financial excesses. Total consumer debt in the United States exceeds 1.7 trillion dollars.1 In the early nineties, according to the Economic Policy Institute based in Washington D.C., the average household debt was a staggering 80 percent of annual net income. Today, that number has grown to an unbelievable 109 percent.2 The number of those seeking protection from creditors through personal bankruptcy is growing at an alarming rate.

The resulting stress has severely impacted families. Studies show that financial issues are the number one cause of contention in homes and the number one contributor to divorce.

The good news is that despite the worrisome financial dynamics of our complex society, there are now tools available to help reverse—or all together avoid—the downward cycle of debt, daily financial stress, and frustration. Here is the story of a couple who were able to change their life and successfully set their course in the direction of financial freedom through the use of a remarkable tool especially designed for use in today’s financial world.
Ryan and Christine Richardson once enjoyed a solid relationship. They were educated, had a good income, and were focused on successfully raising a family. situation, they had allowed financial stress and frustration to erode their happiness. Finally understanding the direction they were headed, Ryan and Christine decided to change their financial course.

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